Today my friend had a bunch of friends over for her birthday. For lunch she got a vegan lasagne from The Vegan Danish bakery in Thornhill. It was made with daiya cheese, tomato sauce, and some sort of spinach(?) noodle (they were green so it’s an assumption I’m making). The lasagne was okay but nothing spectacular. She also got a piece of chocolate cake for me to eat so I wouldn’t be left out of the cake part of the evening. The cake was also from The Vegan Danish. Once again it was okay but not excellent. It tasted good and the icing was good and there were chocolate chips throughout which were also good. The problem, however, existed in the texture. Both the cake and the icing were too dry. If I were to ever go to The Vegan Danish I would probably try something else, but for now the bakery sits near the bottom of my list of good vegan food vendors.

Sorry for the quality of the photos as these are taken with my blackberry because I didn’t want to take my DSLR with me.