The Vegan Danish Review


Today my friend had a bunch of friends over for her birthday. For lunch she got a vegan lasagne from The Vegan Danish bakery in Thornhill. It was made with daiya cheese, tomato sauce, and some sort of spinach(?) noodle (they were green so it’s an assumption I’m making). The lasagne was okay but nothing spectacular. She also got a piece of chocolate cake for me to eat so I wouldn’t be left out of the cake part of the evening. The cake was also from The Vegan Danish. Once again it was okay but not excellent. It tasted good and the icing was good and there were chocolate chips throughout which were also good. The problem, however, existed in the texture. Both the cake and the icing were too dry. If I were to ever go to The Vegan Danish I would probably try something else, but for now the bakery sits near the bottom of my list of good vegan food vendors.

Sorry for the quality of the photos as these are taken with my blackberry because I didn’t want to take my DSLR with me.


Whole Foods



So, as promised today I shall blog about my amazing trip to Whole Foods. Now what you need to understand (for all you Americans out there) is that Whole Foods is really only just starting to bridge into Canada so it is actually a bit of a trek to get there. Since it’s far away (okay not that far, but I dislike letting my frozen goods melt on the subway).

So when I got there it was a bit of a surprise. The first thing I noticed was that it seemed to resemble the Loblaws underneath Empress Walk (which is a layout I absolutely adore). The second thing I did was pick up a ‘sale’ flyer. If those were sale prices I saw then obviously them and I have differing opinions on the term sale.

I then walked into the actual store, and what were the first items I saw? Vegan cupcakes! I walked deeper into the store and noticed something very important: I noticed that when it came to organic and vegan products Whole Foods was actually cheaper than the other supermarkets (though it was more expensive for general items and produce). Some of the prices that really called to me were the sale prices on Tofurky pizza (which I bought to try [I had never tried it before because of it’s hefty price tag]) and Nature’s Path waffles (which I had also previously never bought or tried due to the price). EDIT: I tried the waffles and they were delicious.

I explored the store some more, and needless to say I’m going back (well not exactly back, I’m going to another location because it just happens to be on the way home from my grandfather’s) on Saturday! I need to try the waffles before then, and the other pizza (I tried the Tofurky cheese pizza and it’s great, would definitely recommend).

After I got home I made delicious cupcakes which I will blog about tomorrow.

I’m sorry for all the text and no pictures, I promise I will try not to do this too often. Tomorrow’s post will be mostly pictures though, so all is forgiven?

– Stacey

I almost forgot! What’s with me and forgetting things lately? Last entry and this one, mon dieu. I bought some vegan lip balm at Whole Foods. I was previously looking at this lip balm online and when I found it at Whole Foods it made me so happy I bought two. I haven’t tried it yet but am excited to do so.

Delicious Food Show



So, on Saturday I went to the Delicious Food Show, and let me tell you, what I ate there was truly DELICIOUS. I’ll start by talking about some of the things I sampled and how they were.

For starters Daiya hada booth where they were making pizza, grilled cheese, and (what I assume were) quesadillas. Needless to say I took more than my fair share of samples of each, and they were amazing. I am a lover of Daiya so the fact that I loved them comes as no shock, the only thing is normally I find that Daiya can come off a little too strong and over powering, but not in those samples.

Another thing I tried were the pitas from Pita Break. I would DEFINITELY recommend them, the only thing is that some varieties contain honey, so look carefully at the ingredients before you nom. I liked all the varieties I tasted but my favourite were the Apple Cinnamon.

I also tried the spreads and soups of Sunflower Kitchen. I would definitely recommend their hummas and babaganouj. Their soups were also quite good, but not as high calibre as their delicious spreads.

At the food show there were three food groups: mustard, chutney, and tea. Most of the places that sold mustard also sold chutney. Personally I really enjoyed all the mustard that I tried so I’m not going to review one company specifically, as that would take too much time. I also enjoyed all the chutney I tried so once again I’m not going to give a million reviews on it. There were also lots of sauce companies their that had lovely sauces, all of which seemed to be ver good, so what I just stated will be tripled for sauces. Here are some links to companies websites: Celestial Delights & (my personal favourite) Mrs. McGarrigle’s Fine Food Shop

If wine jellies (and chutney) are your thing there is a superb company that sells amazing wine jellies from Niagara-On-The-Lake. Unfortunately though, you can only purchase their products in Niagara-On-The-Lake or online (not in major supermarkets).

I also had the pleasure of (once again) sampling the scrumptious bars from Taste of Nature. I highly recommend. Some other snacks I tried include ShaSha‘s buckwheat snacks (their only vegan snacks). They were okay but nothing to write home about.

Spices were another big thing at the show. I must say my favourite booth, by far, was Arvinda’s. The guy working there was quite friendly and recommended spices to help me cook up a hearty vegan feast. The spices are also quite aromatic and I can’t wait to use the curry marsala I bought.

Another thing I did was buy a chocolate chip pumpkin muffin from Bunners. It was quite good, though I’m starting to regret not buying a cookie dough (I think it was cookie dough, I can’t quite remember) or french toast cupcake instead. I was thinking of buying something from Sweets from the Earth as I am in love with their marshmallow cupcakes but alas they were only selling gluten-free fare.

Now, of course, being the tea-a-holic that I am, I just couldn’t resist buying some delicious tea. The first tea I bought was Creamy Nut Oolong tea from Teaopia and it is delicious. I also (after watching her demonstration) bought some Pumpkin Creme Rooibos and Coco – Mojito Green Tea from Tea and all it’s Splender. The Pumpkin Creme Rooibos is marvelous, that I can say 100%. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to try the Coco – Mojito Green Tea yet, but let me tell you, I’m excited.

I took the food show as an opportunity to become a member of the Toronto Vegetarian Association. Which I would highly recommend for Toronto-area vegetarians and vegans, especially since you can get a kick-ass discount card (which will pay for itself and the membership in discounts).

Food aside, I also tried some of Ella’s Botanicals beauty products and they were really nice.

Overall the Delicious Food Show was pretty awesome and I had a really nice time. I followed the show with a trip to Whole Foods (who were exhibiting at the show and gave me a nice apple [which I did not eat because I dislike macs but I was assured that it was an amazingly delicious apple, and that maybe we should start doing more shopping at Whole Foods]). After I finally got home I took the opportunity to stay up till midnight baking vegan cupcakes, but I’ll blog about that and Whole Foods tomorrow.

– Stacey

My goodness! I almost forgot to mention one of the most exciting parts. There was a booth that was selling spices to create mulled apple cider (they were sold out by the time we got there). They had a jar out so you could see what the spices looked like and they were beautiful. I asked the lady working their and she let me take some pictures to share with you. Here they are:See you tomorrow when I blog about Whole Foods and Cupcakes. TTFN!